Ep.35: Selling the Vision Before Building the Product featuring Amanda Brem, Founder - The Brem Method

Amanda Brem, founder of the Brem Method, recounts how she pitched and executed her first academic coaching course for pre-medical students, overcoming skepticism and challenges along the way. Through determination and leveraging her strengths, she successfully built a thriving business despite initial uncertainties.


  • Amanda Brem founded the Brem Method, specializing in academic coaching for pre-medical students

  • She secured a deal with a program director to run an academic course for MCAT preparation


  • Convincing the program director to take a risk on an unproven product, addressing concerns about potential negative feedback impacting future enrollments.
  • Navigating the complexities of contract negotiations as a small company, especially in contrast to dealing with larger institutions.

Key Learnings:

  • Embracing negative feedback as critical feedback to improve and not fearing it as a threat to reputation.
  • Understanding the importance of commitment and follow-through in sales, avoiding second-guessing decisions to ensure success.


  • (0:00) Introduction and background of Amanda Brem and the Brem Method.
  • (5:36) Amanda's experience in sales during her time as a personal trainer and the importance of developing a niche.
  • (7:58) Initiating the deal with the program director and challenges faced during the process.
  • (11:30) Scaling the business and expanding beyond the initial pilot program.
  • (13:18) Sources of information and learning for sales and entrepreneurship.
  • (17:24) Challenges and anxious moments faced during the pitch and contract negotiations.
  • (19:40) Moments of uncertainty and key learning points throughout the deal process.


LinkedIn: [Amanda Brem - Founder - The Brem Method](https://www.linkedin.com/in/amandabrem)

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCs_enSv2UntPXD33e6b6Dg

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Ep.35: Selling the Vision Before Building the Product featuring Amanda Brem, Founder - The Brem Method
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